Sebastian Klein
Diplom Designer (FH)
Master of Arts
Curriculum Vitae

Hello, my name is Sebastian. I'm a 27 year old designer, born and grown in Germany,
currently living and working in London. This site contains personal activities,
commissioned work and projects I did until 2007 at Addis Creson in San Francisco
and Wolff Olins in New York City. And hey, I'm a friendly person, too – feel free
to drop me a note.

NEW Transformation - Nationalstaaten in Europa
Book about the evolution of the European Union

NEW Comission for Equality and Human Rights
Proposal for a variable Identity

Old Boys/Girls 2005
Graduation-party collateral

Soapanimal Inc
Our flat share blog

Sozialschau - Über Armut und Wohlstand
Folding poster about unequally distributed wealth in the world

Freedom Tower book
Book to support the rebuilding of the WTC site

Im Westen
Wayfinding system for a borough

Via Europa
A business magazine

On postmodern graphic design
Folding poster about the work of Wolfgang Weingart

Identity explorations and variations

Exploration and design for the Converse direction

Smith & Nephew
Brochure system

Royal College of Bird Sounds
Identity for a fictitious college

School's Out
Graduation-party collateral

kleinmetzgerei morlock
I co-founded a design studio

Grand Paradiso
CD packaging for a German country band

Typeface (still in progress)

Winfried Jähn
Identity for a tax consultancy

Straw no.1
Fashion magazine

Self-diagnosis of possible diseases

Lotos Gold
Identity for an exclusive eyewear manufactury
Net art project

Campaign for a displaced baseball bat

Daniel Stauch Photography
Identity for a photographer

Cutters Gloves
Identity exploration and packaging

Identity for a fictitious organisation

Prof. Dr. Schneck Rating
Identity for a rating consultancy